A 24x7x365 security operations centre (SOC) has long been considered an essential part of an effective cyber security strategy. However, SOC implementations tend to be very complex and expensive, putting a modern SOC out of reach for many companies. It can take years to simply become operational, with costs in the millions.

Our SOCaaS delivers all of the benefits of a dedicated 24/7 SOC, but without the high costs, complexity, and frustrations that come with building, staffing, and managing one in-house. With our managed SOC service, you are able to outsource the people, processes, and technology needed for a SOC, which is operated and managed offsite and delivered as a cloud-based service.

Available for any size of organisation

Organisations of all sizes need defences and expertise that allow them to monitor for threats day and night. SOC-as-a-Service provides an avenue for organisations to gain an end-to-end detection and response solution designed to account for today’s SOC challenges at a manageable price point.

Subscription-based with a low cost of entry

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is a subscription-based model for managed threat detection and response that brings a best-in-class security operations centre within the reach of every business.

Manage your compliance

Organisations of all sizes need to know their compliance status. With our industry-leading SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) offering, you can use our CIS, PCI-DSS and Cyber Essentials Monitoring views to regularly report on your state of compliance.

Available anywhere

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is available to any business anywhere in the world. Our Silver and Gold subscriptions come with a SIEM interface that you can access anywhere, even from the security of your own home.

High Security

Our SOC is designed to create a very high-security level for organisations. The SOC is even suitable for Government environments. We offer various security models, from a low entry model to a full-service SOC.